Regenerative Medicine

regenerative medicine treatments

Innovative Approach to Regenerative Medicine at Apprize Medical

Welcome to the Regenerative Medicine section at Apprize Medical, where we specialize in non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments for chronic joint, spine, and musculoskeletal pain. Our approach contrasts traditional medical options, focusing on long-term healing and pain relief without the risks associated with cortisone and steroid injections. Recent studies have highlighted the potential detrimental effects of these injections, such as ligament and tendon weakening, cartilage erosion, and increased risk of osteoporosis. Our goal is to provide safer, more effective alternatives that foster natural healing.

Advanced Regenerative Treatments: PRP and Stem Cells

Our clinic utilizes cutting-edge regenerative treatments, including Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell therapies. These innovative procedures harness the body’s own healing mechanisms to repair and rejuvenate damaged tissues. By concentrating and applying these powerful biological components directly to the affected areas, we aim to initiate and accelerate the body's natural repair processes.

Precision-Guided Procedures for Optimal Results

At Apprize Medical, precision is key. Every procedure we perform, be it PRP or Stem Cell therapy, is guided by advanced imaging techniques like ultrasound or fluoroscopy. This ensures pinpoint accuracy in locating the injection site, thereby maximizing the therapeutic benefits, enhancing healing, and providing significant pain relief.

Regenerative Treatments Have Been Shown to Help

  • Knee Joint: Effective for arthritis, meniscal injuries, ligament strains (LCL, MCL), and patellar tendonitis.

  • Shoulder Joint: Beneficial for rotator cuff tendonitis and tears, arthritis, bursitis, bicep tendinosis, acromioclavicular pain, and avascular necrosis.

  • Hip Joint: Ideal for hip bursitis, arthritis, labral tears, and avascular necrosis.

  • Ankle and Foot Joint: Treats sprains, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and tears.

  • Elbow Joint: Effective for tennis and golfer’s elbow, arthritis, distal bicep issues, and Tommy John injuries.

Unlocking the Body’s Natural Healing Powers

At Apprize Medical, we believe in unlocking your body’s inherent healing capabilities. Our regenerative treatments offer a path to end the symptoms of aging and restore your body naturally, without the need for invasive surgery. Whether you're an athlete facing a sports injury or someone suffering from chronic pain, our sports medicine solutions are designed to provide effective, long-lasting relief, helping you return to a life of activity and wellness.