How Cognitive Enhancement Therapy Works & Its Effect On Cognition?


Schizophrenia is a critical mental issue affecting an individual’s brain functioning. It affects the normal brain functioning of an individual. It can also alter how a person acts, understands things, and feels. And when a person’s mental illnesses are left untreated, they can become a major problem. It can lead to reduced cognitive working, which will soon be followed by a decline in an individual’s social skills. And that is where cognitive enhancement therapy comes into play.

If you don’t know what this therapy is and how it can help enhance the cognitive abilities of your close one, then keep reading this blog ahead to find out.

What Is Cognitive Enhancement Therapy?


CET is a holistic approach that deals with the psychological and cognitive deterioration in people suffering from mental illnesses. It is a rehabilitation program that includes computer-based brain exercises, a combination of different medicines, and group therapy to treat patients with:

  • Extreme depression.
  • Autism.
  • Schizophrenia.
  • Bipolar disorder.

CET assists people in learning how to retain memories better and solve problems more effectively. It also boosts their learning and attention span. The main aim of computer-based training is to help people increase their mental abilities, and the group exercise focuses on developing better social skills.

What Does Cognitive Enhancement Therapy Do?

CET is a rehabilitation program for people with schizophrenia and serious mental illnesses affecting their brain functions. It is used to stabilize people using various techniques and approaches systematically. These can improve the working and social abilities of an individual.

The treatment improves different problems on psychological and social levels, such as:

Social Change

This part includes treating patients to get the professional, social, and family operational qualities.

Cognitive Style

It helps improve disorganized, inflexible, and unmotivated cognitive practices.

Social Cognition

Social context assessment, lack of planning and forethought, and perspective taking.

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Problem-solving capabilities and poor memory treatment.

What Is The Difference Between CET & CBT?

CET and CBT are extremely effective and used to treat patients with mental health problems. And it is easy for people to get confused between both treatments because they are quite similar. But there are certain differences between both.

CET is a rehabilitation therapy that helps patients increase their brain capacity to perform tasks such as having normal thinking capabilities, better problem solving, and cognitive facility. It helps boost their memory and increase their attention span while working or doing any work that requires focus. It is specially designed to treat people and help manage their schizophrenia symptoms.

On the other hand, cognitive behavioral therapy is used to treat problems related to an individual’s behavior. It is specially used for people who often have destructive thoughts and are going through depression. This treatment assists people in determining if their thoughts are disturbing or harmful. And aims to change the thought patterns that may negatively affect their feelings and behaviors.

What Makes CET Unique?

CET is a rehabilitation program for mental health patients. The holistic approach includes computer-based treatment, group therapy, and much more.

This treatment plan uses different methods to help treat the patient. During the treatment, some specific topics are assigned to the individual every week, and every individual is expected to pay attention to their work and efficiently complete the task. These emotional and intellectual exercises are used to make the individual more attentive and focused on their work. The therapy has highly structured groups to help the patient. The curriculum of the treatment is mainly study-driven and theory-based.

What Are The Advantages Of CET?

Cognitive therapy has numerous benefits for people dealing with various mental health problems.

  • It increases the attention span.
  • People are more aware of their disabilities and illnesses.
  • They can actively think about things.
  • CET boosts memory retention.
  • The enhancement therapy also leads to enhanced vocational effectiveness.
  • It brings spontaneity.
  • The therapy brings symptoms under control.
  • Increases motivation.
  • Boosts mental stamina.
  • Enhanced awareness of social conditions.
  • For Thoughtfulness.
  • Intellectual flexibility.
  • Reduces dependability on others.
  • Perspective taking.
  • Interpersonal efficacy.

Why Should You Choose A Medical Health Expert For Treatment?

Mental health treatment experts are trained to deal with different health problems. Not every individual has the same symptoms of a mental illness. An expert can identify the problem and provide the treatment best suitable for your condition.

Mental health care is extremely important, and the wrong diagnosis or treatment can cause serious health issues. Moreover, it not just affects a person mentally but also negatively affects their physical health. They can give you clear and careful instructions to improve your health and safety.


If you have a close one who is facing any kind of mental health problem, then you should visit a doctor immediately. Mental health problems can lead to various other serious cognitive and physical illnesses. If you are looking for an expert who can do cognitive enhancement therapy and help you bring the symptoms under control and make a strong recovery from the illness, then visit Apprize Medical.

Apprize medical latest medicines that can deal with the underlying problem of the illness and provide customized treatment options. Our team of medical specialists is devoted to providing the best care to our patients. We do a detailed and thorough physical examination and advanced laboratory testing to get to the root cause of the illness and treat the problem from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Who can get benefits from CET?

CET is developed to treat patients who have schizophrenia, depression, autism, bipolar disorder, etc. It is used to improve the cognitive health of the patient. It improves everyday functioning, problem-solving abilities, social functioning, and focus.

    • Is CET cost-effective?

CET is extremely cost-effective for people as it uses the group treatment approach. And since most medical facilities already have computers, this makes the process all the more profitable for the patient.

    • What are the benefits of CET vs. EST?

Most recent studies proved that the effects of CET last longer than Enriched Supportive Therapy (EST). The effects of CET can last for more than a year after the therapy ends. The research also shows exceptional gains in functional and other employment results.