What is a Medical Weight Loss Program and How Does It Work?

medical weight loss program
What is a Medical Weight Loss Program and How Does It Work?

Obesity is a major concern in the US. Reports suggest that every third person in the United States suffers from medical obesity. And, when a person is overweight, they can become prone to many health conditions like heart problems, diabetes, etc. Therefore, a weight loss program is vital for these individuals, not just any program but the medical weight loss program.

Now, most of you might be familiar with weight loss programs designed to make you lose weight in various ways. However, a medical program is not exactly like these standard weight loss programs. As the term medical is used here, you can guess that such programs are run under the guidance of medical professionals. Furthermore, these professionals are highly experienced in a medical weight loss plan. 

So, from this, you can guess that enrolling in a program such as medical weight loss is completely different since a medical professional specializing in medical weight loss is there to monitor you and prescribe you the best meds. Hence, if you're looking for expert guidance to lose weight quickly without using invasive methods, you can book an appointment now at Apprize Medical. But, before that, we must answer - what is a medical weight loss plan, and how does it work?

What is Medical Weight Loss, and How Does It Function?        

First thing first, what is medical weight loss? If we go by a simple definition, medical weight loss is part of a process that combines the guidance and assistance of a medical healthcare doctor in losing weight. 

Healthcare professionals will combine their medical experience and years of knowledge to aid individuals in losing weight. They do this by providing the patients with a realistic medical weight loss plan that matches their unique circumstances.

Other than internal help, medical professionals can even motivate their patients to follow the weight loss plan without fail.

Now knowing the basics of it, let's also figure out what a medical weight loss program is. Such programs are run under the supervision of a medical professional specializing in weight loss. These healthcare providers are especially needed for people that struggle with losing weight even after putting in a lot of effort.

Many medical studies have proven that obesity is treatable if you find proper medical attention. Besides that, this weight loss program is effective for those who struggle with controlling their food cravings or have bad eating habits. However, let's talk about who should definitely enrol in a weight loss program. It is essential for people who are obese and have a BMI over 30.

Also, we should mention that unhealthy eating habits or doing less exercise is not always responsible for obesity in a person. There are various medical disorders that can play a role in weight gain. And when you are part of a weight management program, such disorders are tackled using professional medical help.

So, let's talk about- "how a medical weight loss plan works?" Mainly, three components make up the functioning of medical weight loss:

Initial Consultation

Just like in any weight loss program, medical weight loss starts with a healthcare professional meeting you. In this meeting, the medical professional will briefly overview your condition and discuss your goals with you.

So, once this initial consultation is in action, the healthcare provider will ask you about your ideal weight. After discussion, the professional will work toward creating a weight loss plan that matches your goals while combining healthy lifestyle changes.

The goal of an initial consultation is to help patients understand their doctor. Once the patient becomes comfortable with the healthcare professional, they can easily share the necessary information with their doctor.

Lifestyle Modification

Many people follow an unhealthy eating lifestyle, which affects their weight negatively. Your body's extra fat works as an energy source. However, when you consume too many calories without doing proper physical activity, this stored energy increases, resulting in obesity. Changing such unhealthy behavior is the key to losing weight in the most effective ways. 

You can lose the extra fat from your body by doing more physical activities and less food consumption. This way, the stored energy is used for your activities, resulting in weight loss. So, you need to follow these two key behaviors: consuming lower-energy foods and performing more physical activities.                    


When we say to consume low-energy foods, what we mean is to eat foods that are low in calories. 

During Apprize Medical weight loss medical program, our professional will form a diet plan for you consisting of low-calorie foods.

Our medical expert will run you through different weight loss diets like low carbohydrate diets, intermittent fasting, and high protein diets. Other than that, our weight loss professional will recommend you food that promotes eating schedules and weight loss, which will help your body burn more calories than you intake through eating.


While you take the help of a medical weight loss plan, the amount of exercise you do will significantly matter for losing weight. When you do daily exercise, your body uses energy stored as fat. Furthermore, exercise can help you use the energy from the food you consume daily.

Our medical professional can provide multiple workouts for weight loss. They can also filter out the best weight loss exercises for you that match your lifestyle goals. You must stay true to this medical weight loss plan since this plan is optimized to fit your specific needs and lifestyle.

Medications for Weight Loss

Apprize, doctors; after learning your goals and creating a dedicated diet plan for weight loss, they will provide you with weight loss medication that will help complement the exercises and diet recommended for weight loss. 

Apprize, doctors; after learning your goals and creating a dedicated diet plan for weight loss, will provide you with weight loss medication that will help complement the exercises and diet recommended for weight loss. Our medication includes Semaglutide injection, which is used along with our doctors' recommended diet and exercise program. Our professional will inject it under your skin in the upper arm, thigh, or abdomen, depending on your suitability. We'll start with a low dose of this injection to prevent side effects.

Also, weight loss medications can aid in burning extra energy for your body. However, as these medicines are known to carry some potential side effects, our doctor will not suggest you use them as the only method for losing weight. Instead, our medical professional will use these medicines to complement the other recommended weight loss behaviors.

Our doctor will check your status from time to time to confirm if you're using the medicines correctly or facing some health issues while using them.

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How Fast Can You Expect Results From A Medical Weight Loss Program? 

If you've enrolled in the medical weight loss treatment program of Apprize Medical, you can expect some great results. Undoubtedly, this program is tailored according to your lifestyle goals, so there are high chances you will lose weight. However, how fast you will lose weight through this weight loss program can vary since there are numerous things that affect weight loss.

So, you may ask, what are the ways by which I can receive quick results from medical weight loss? Here is a healthy pattern you need to follow to get fast and safe weight role results through this program:

  • You must stay committed to the medical weight loss treatment plan.
  • Eat only the recommended foods for weight loss while avoiding other foods. 
  • Take all the supplements on time prescribed to you by the doctor.
  • Don't miss out on the weekly check-ins that track your weight loss progress.

Generally, a person can start noticing positive changes within the first few weeks of enrolling in this treatment plan. But this is only possible if you stay committed to the treatment process without making exceptions.       

Who is the Right Candidate for a Medical Weight Loss Plan?

There can be specific answers for who should take a medical weight loss treatment. However, in general, anyone concerned about their health should consider enrolling in such a weight loss program.

Now, who will benefit the most from a medical weight loss plan? A person who is obese or has a Body mass index of 30 or above will definitely experience great results using a medical weight loss treatment. 

Other than that, you can consider becoming part of this program if you face conditions related to weight, like high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and type 2 diabetes.

Should I Enroll In The Medical Weight Loss Program? Five Vital Benefits of This Program

Now, after understanding "what is a medical weight loss plan and how does it works," you may have additional questions regarding this treatment plan. The most common query you can have is why I should enrol in a medical weight loss plan when there are other alternatives too for weight loss.

Undoubtedly, such doubt regarding a medical weight loss plan is common. But you should be aware that this weight loss program holds many benefits. Also, you may not experience the same benefits with other weight loss programs. So, what are the benefits of a medical weight loss plan? Here is everything to know:


Apprize Medical medical weight loss plans are tailored to match your specific needs. And not every weight loss clinic follows such a process. Our healthcare providers analyze your overall health by checking your weight, lifestyle, and level of exercise. The assessment includes a comprehensive blood analysis plus a gut, digestive and hormone analysis. Once this assessment is complete, our professional will design the most effective weight loss program for you.

Working Exercise Techniques

The best part of medical weight loss plans is that they work alongside a network of trainers to include effective exercises that promote weight loss. Furthermore, these exercises are recommended by certified professionals who keep your requirements and goals in mind. 

Through these exercises, you can achieve the best results for your weight loss without compromising on the safety part. Other than that, our professionals will update you on your current fitness level and health conditions that you may experience, like chronic pain and heart disease.


Why go toward surgical methods if you can easily lose weight through our medical weight loss plan? You were certainly wrong if you thought the term medicine here indicated surgical procedure. Instead, our weight loss plans will help you avoid surgical procedures as much as possible.

It is recommended you stay away from invasive methods for weight loss. Although surgery can remove extra fat from your body, it is harmful to your body in the long term. It comes with various side effects and slow recovery time.

Medical Professional Supervised

One of the problems people face with medical weight loss plans is that they can't follow them throughout. Well, if you think you can't follow the recommended diet or can't exercise daily, you can stop worrying about that. The medical weight loss plan we design covers these parts. Furthermore, our professional will supervise your actions once you enroll in this program.

So, it is totally normal if you make some mistakes while following this weight loss program. Our medical professional will not judge you for that. Furthermore, this program will help you lose weight while getting all the assistance you need along the path.

Long Term Results

We promise our clients long-term results with our medical weight loss plans. So, even if the diet change doesn't show you instant results, you can expect some good long-term results if you stay true to it. Our professionals don't stop providing you with the right tools to lose weight. The medical team will provide you with the skills and tools so that you can adopt a weight management lifestyle in no time.

How to Obtain the Best Results from a Weight Loss Program?

So, are the benefits of the medical weight loss plan enough to convince you to enroll? If yes, you should know how you can get the best results from this weight loss program. 

Apprize medical’s experts will be with you throughout your weight-loss journey. We will ensure you get all the guidance, support, and resources you need to meet the goals you have set for yourself. Here are some key steps you must take to make this happen:

Stay Committed

When you start following a medical weight loss plan, it is vital you stay committed to it. Now, when we say to stay committed, we are not only talking about the benefits for your current self only. By staying true to the weight program, your future self will also experience significant benefits. In order to succeed, enhance your health, and boost your confidence, you must stay committed to this weight loss program.

Don't Be Too Hard On Yourself

Well, we all make mistakes, and when you are on your weight loss journey, chances are you will make some mistakes too. You may not want to wake up to exercise in the morning sometimes. Or, on some days, you may want to cheat on the diet or skip the appointment. However, you must surpass these urges because these temptations can hinder your weight loss journey.

But, in any case, if you make these mistakes and fall for these temptations, understand that this is not the end road for you. You can always recover from missed appointments and cheat days if you learn from these mistakes. So, try to stay committed to the weight loss program; if something unnecessary happens, forgive yourself and move forward.

Make A Food Journal

Recording what you eat on a daily basis can help you know your eating behaviors. Furthermore, you can figure out whether you're an emotional eater. Such data help us, too, as we work toward making an effective diet plan for you.

After you enroll in the medical weight loss plan, make sure you make a food journal that contains everything you eat for the whole day. This data lets us learn about your eating habits and see if you follow the proper diet. And if not, we can guide you on the right diet, so you can return to track.

Never Forget Your End Goal

Even if you know that the medical weight loss plan will help you lose weight, it is better not to forget to track your progress. There will be times when you'll not feel significant improvement in weight loss or not as much as you expected. 

However, instead of getting demotivated, you must remember your end goal. You must stay committed to the whole process. Furthermore, making the needed changes in your lifestyle and diet will help you achieve the expected results.

Instead of taking this program as a simple weight loss process, try to understand that it's an investment you make for yourself. Therefore, if you know that you are following this program for yourself, it will be easier for you to stay committed to it. 

How Apprize Medical Medical Weight Loss Program Works And Why Should You Choose Us?

There are numerous medical institutions out there that claim to provide the best medical weight loss plans. However, the question is, how will you know if they are the right person to help you lose weight? Since many severe health issues like heart problems and diabetes are related to obesity, this topic of obesity has become a sensitive topic. That's why you can only trust professionals who have given many great results in the past.

With its effective customized health solutions, Apprize Medical has assisted hundreds of patients in losing weight. Our medical weight loss treatment is planned while considering all the needs of the patient. So, how do we decide on these weight loss plans for our patients? Here are the reasons to choose us:

Analyzing Your Present Weight and Health

Before we decide on a plan for you, we must look into your health and medical history and learn about your goals for this weight loss program. Therefore, our medical professional will arrange a meeting with you. After we know about your medical history and weight loss goals, we will do a physical exam followed by lab work in some cases.

Lab work helps us get an insight into your health and other problems which may be affecting your ability to shed weight. Furthermore, we use this data to structure your diet and supplements that will be needed to help you match your goals. 

Making a Unique Plan

Our medical professional's next step is to develop a medical weight loss plan, which will be designed based on your unique requirements. Not every patient is the same, and everyone has a different health history and goals in their mind. Furthermore, patients may experience slow weight loss because of the health factors influencing the ability to lose weight.

Therefore, we design a plan to overcome the health factors that act as a roadblock to weight loss. Our medical team will monitor your health as well as the progress you make while following this unique plan. If we feel the program is not working for you, we will make a suitable adjustment according to your needs.

Structuring a Diet Plan

A common reason why people struggle to lose weight is that they consume a poor or low-nutrition diet. Creating a diet plan can be complicated, but we do it for you the easy way. When we design this unique diet plan for you, we consider everything your body needs, including the correct nutrition amount. 

Therefore, our professional will make you a diet that includes all the foods you need to complete your body's nutritional needs, promoting weight loss. So, suppose you are confused about what to eat in order to lose weight effectively. In that case, you can get all your diet-related answers by enrolling in our medical weight loss plan.

Starting Your Exercise Routine

When you have a structured diet and professional support from Apprize healthcare professionals, losing weight becomes way easier. However, you must not forget about exercising to gain quick and safe results during this process. Since exercise is so essential for weight loss, our medical doctors will assist by creating a fitness plan that matches your requirements.

With the daily movement of your body, you can increase blood circulation, burn calories, and improve heart health. When deciding the best fitness plan for you, we'll consider various things like your present fitness level, preferences, and limitations. So, don't worry if you don't know which exercise you should do and at what time, as our expert can assist you with the best exercise plan.

Prescribing Supplements

Supplements are a great way to achieve your weight loss goals. Our medical weight loss plan uses them effectively to gain positive results for our patients. We recommend medicines and supplements to boost your metabolism, resulting in faster weight loss.

You don't have to concern yourself about the side effects of these supplements since they are totally safe to use. Furthermore, our medical professionals will monitor your status and, according to that, will decide on the correct dosage for you.

Regular Appointments

At Apprize Medical, we take regular updates on our patients by scheduling appointments with them. Through these meetings, our medical professional will evaluate your progress and see if there is any need to make specific changes to the plan. 

These appointments with our patients play a significant role. This is because, through these, we can track your progress and confirm whether the plan is working for you.

So, now you know why you should choose Apprize Medical’s to enroll in a medical weight loss plan. We also tried our best to answer this - what is a medical weight loss program, and how does it work? If you have more questions about a medical weight loss plan or want to become a part of it, contact us at +1-305-851-2132. Our medical professional team is always ready to help you improve your health and live a healthy life.