Apprize Medical is a proactive, integrated practice that creates customized health solutions by combining the best of conventional and modern medicine. Patients have full access to our team of specialists as we prioritize their health needs. Our innovative, comprehensive programs are created using unique diagnostic tests to personalize your healthcare roadmap. At Apprize, we use evidence-based solutions to reverse the aging process rather than wait for our patients to become ill with chronic, degenerative conditions. As a result, our focus has shifted from traditional reactive medicine to preventative and proactive medicine.

Offering a different take on concierge medicine Apprize is more than a referral source, it offers true preventive medicine with state-of-the-art treatments. Apprize takes an active role in disease prevention and improving patients' health using tailored, cutting-edge treatments. We have two annual primary care club programs in addition to several other customized programs to target specific needs such as cardiac health, weight loss, digestive health, sexual wellness, hormone optimization, and more. With a team of highly trained specialists, Apprize treats patients from within to enhance their quality of life.

Our Services

Cardiac Care

Weight Management


Gut Health


Sports Medicine

Personalized Nutrition

IV Therapy

Hormone Management

Comprehensive Examination

We emphasize thorough and detailed physical examination with advanced laboratory testing and specialist care.

Personalized Health Care

Our experts and Specialists give individual attention and personalized care to every patient.

Treatment for Chronic Conditions

We apply the latest in functional medicine that addresses the underlying causes of chronic conditions.

Customized Health Solutions

We provide customized and individualized treatment options with preventative and proactive medicine.

Access to our Network of Providers

We refer our patients to the top specialists.