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We use evidence based solutions to proactively reverse aging, focusing on prevention rather than treating chronic and degenerative diseases after they occur.

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Our Pioneering Services at Apprize: Redefining Concierge Medicine

At Apprize Medical, we redefine Concierge Medicine by integrating Proactive and Regenerative Care into our practice. Our philosophy is anchored in the belief that prevention is as vital as cure, guiding our dedication to patient wellness. Our Proactive Care model focuses on disease prevention and overall well-being, offering tailored, state-of-the-art healthcare solutions for our Concierge Medicine in Miami patients. This includes the latest medical treatments and technologies, aimed not only at treating patients but also educating and empowering them in their health journey.

Additionally, our emphasis on Regenerative Care positions us at the cutting edge of medical progress. In this realm, we utilize advanced therapies aimed at repairing and rejuvenating, opening new paths to health recovery. This method incorporates the newest developments in regenerative medicine, ensuring holistic care that leverages the body's natural healing capabilities. At Apprize Medical, our patient care is customized to meet individual health needs, establishing a new benchmark in integrative healthcare. Our team, comprised of specialists, provides a fusion of preventive and regenerative strategies, guaranteeing that our patients benefit from the most current and effective treatments available.


Proactive Care

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South Florida’s New Innovative and Personalized Longevity Health and Anti-Aging Destination.

At Apprize Medical, our ambition extends beyond maintaining good health; we aim to empower our clients to thrive, with a vision of them living vibrantly up to 110 years old, feeling as dynamic and robust as superheroes. Co-founded by Dr. Matthew Cooper and partnered by Dr. Sundeep Singh, Apprize Medical stands as a beacon of proactive, integrative healthcare, with a keen focus on longevity. Our approach goes beyond conventional health checks. Dr. Singh, alongside our adept team, delves deep into the body's intricacies, employing a multi-targeted strategy to unearth and address the root causes of health concerns. This method isn't just about safeguarding health; it's about winning the ultimate prize – your well-being.

"Our patients are proactive, not reactive; they choose to take control of their health rather than waiting to be struck by chronic degenerative diseases," Dr. Cooper asserts. Apprize Medical fills a crucial gap in the healthcare market with a team of doctors skilled in delivering innovative health solutions. These solutions are specially designed to decelerate the typical aging process, offering our patients not just more years to their life, but more life to their years.

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Comprehensive Examination

Delve into thorough physical exams at Apprize, bolstered by our advanced laboratory testing and diagnostics. This comprehensive approach ensures a holistic understanding of your health status, setting the foundation for effective care.

Treatment for Chronic Conditions

Our methodology in treating chronic conditions blends cutting-edge functional medicine with a focus on root causes. This approach allows for more effective and long-lasting treatments, aimed at significantly improving your health.

Access to our Network of Providers

At Apprize, we extend our care through a network of top-tier specialists. This ensures that our patients have access to the best possible care across various medical specialties, enhancing the overall treatment experience.

Personalized Health Care

Each patient at Apprize receives individualized care from our team of experts and specialists. We focus on providing a unique healthcare experience that's tailored to your specific health needs and goals.

Customized Health Solutions

Our approach to healthcare at Apprize involves customized treatment plans that emphasize both preventive and proactive strategies. This ensures a personalized and forward-looking approach to each patient’s health journey.

Cutting Edge Technology

At our modern Miami Beach office, we're equipped with the latest in therapeutic technology. This advanced setup allows us to offer top-tier medical care in a state-of-the-art and visually stunning environment.

Our Approach

What Makes Us Stand Out

At Apprize, we've redefined Concierge Medicine in Miami Beach, FL by prioritizing proactive and regenerative care, exceeding the standards of traditional integrative medicine. Our medical experts conduct in-depth evaluations to craft treatment plans that are both responsive and innovatively proactive, distinguishing our practice in the field.

Our dedication to patient care is continuous, not limited to appointments. We engage in regular communication throughout the year, carefully monitoring progress and adjusting support as necessary. Through persistent evaluation and customization of treatment plans to align with individual health goals, we facilitate the successful realization of our patients' wellness aspirations in the evolving landscape of proactive and regenerative healthcare.


Our patients refuse to wait until they fall ill with chronic degenerative disease. They prefer to be proactive and take charge of their health. We are filling a void in the marketplace by having a team of doctors that have the ability to offer unique health solutions that can slow down the normal aging process.

Medical Director, Dr. Sudeep Singh

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A Five-Star Patient Experience

Alex Wertheim
Alex Wertheim
Apprize Medical is hands down the best doctors office I have ever been. They make you feel like you are there only patient and are in no rush to get you out of the door. Doctor Singh is a very special person and goes above and beyond the normal call of duty to take care of his patients. I am extremely happy to be a patient of this practice. I highly recommend that if you want the best doctors care in town, come get a consultation with Doctor Singh.
Madeleine C
Madeleine C
I went to Briege for filler and Botox and couldn’t be happier with my results! It was essentially pain-free because of the medical grade topical lidocaine she used to numb me, and she gave me exactly what I asked for. I couldn’t recommend her enough. The front desk staff was also very kind and helpful.
Andy Alvarez
Andy Alvarez
Dr. Singh is knowledgeable and really cares about the well being of his patients. Gustavo brings experience and expertise and it really shows. The front desk was professional and that’s greatly appreciated.